Clip on Fibre Jaws for RECORD

Clip on Fibre Jaws for RECORD

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These clip on soft jaws are made using a specially selected Vulcanised Fibre Sheet to provide the most efficient balance of grip and durability.

Unlike most ‘Generic’ clip on fibre jaws:

  1. The rivets are positioned in the same place as the Screw Heads in the respective Hard Jaws. This prevents the tails of the rivets fouling the jaws and becoming work hardened in use, a common cause of premature failure.  
  2. The frames are made from durable 1.2mm Aluminium sheet, ensuring ease of use, longevity and corrosion resistance. 

The size of the Fibre Pad is 6mm thick. Please select length from menu.  

The texture of the Fibre front face may vary from one batch to another, from a plain (fibre) surface to a light texture.  

As with all of our jaws, these are made in the UK from UK sourced material.. by us !

Dont forget we also sell replacement wear pads separately, here.... 

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