What we do....

This is kind of a difficult question to answer, because the truth is.... we do anything the customer wants.   

However in summary, there are core products and services supplied by the ViceWorks which are briefly described below:

Sales of Quality Refurbished Vice

Yep, no new Vice are sold here! 

If looked after, a good vice will give a lifetime of trouble free service. The problem is, if you’ve ever bought a modern vice, you will know the design and quality of material and workmanship leaves a lot to be desired.  

So, you want a good reliable vice... right? You know modern vice made from Chinesium are rubbish so what do you do...buy a used one? What if it’s cracked, broken, too heavy to post... 

All valid reasons not to buy a used vice   

So that’s where the Viceworks come in. 

  1. Source a Good donor Vice
  2. Strip and Inspect
  3. Protect and Paint
  4. Assemble, Test and Protect

A great refurbished vice starts with a good donor unit... there’s no substitute for a good donor Vice... rubbish in, rubbish out. 
One sourced, the donor vice is stripped back to cast iron using a Vapour Blasting technique. Stripping the vice removes contaminants, loose paint and deals with any corrosion which may be present.

Inspection and de-stressing

Once stripped, the vice are inspected for cracks, especially in the high stress areas where cracks can lead to non-repairable damage.  
Cracked castings are never repaired... they’re sent to the scrapyard... as I can never guarantee a repaired crack will not weaken the vice or return.   

Assuming the vice passes the test, high stress areas are dressed to reduce stress raisers and floors in the casting (both voids and burrs) are filled at dressed.  

Protect and Paint

one a good donor vice has been given a clean bill of structural health, it’s cleaned, primed and painted using enamel products.   

Once painted, the vice are assembled and tested for full and free operation. 

To finish, a light citing of oil to lubricate moving parts and protect brightwork.   
So, buying a refurbished used vice from the ViceWorks is a close as you’re likely to get to buying the best of the past... for the present.

Repair, Service and Overhaul

Quite simply, we repair, service or completely overhaul you own vice as we would our own.  

Custom Builds

Custom finishes, logos, accessories can be used to customise vice to specific requirements  

Spares and Accessories

Sometimes a very difficult commodity to obtain are  spares for your vice.  Most spare parts are available for all makes of vice including

  • Vice Jaws (all materials)
  • Vice Handles
  • Springs
  • Levers

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the website, get in-touch   


One last thing.   All spares are made in England, in my workshop.  

Buying from the ViceWorks supports a small UK business... I’m not just a supplier of cheap imported parts. 

Thank you in advance for your business...