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We take alot of pride in the refurbishment of the Vices we sell, to such extent that they can sometimes be just too good to use!

Please click on the images relating to the type of Vice you're looking for. 

PLEASE NOTE: All of our refurbished vice are unique, we do not have a container coming from China with new stock. To this end, if you need something that is not listed, pls drop us a line as its likely we have a donor Vice waiting to be refurbished. 

Mechanics Vice (Non Quick-Release)

Various Companies made a version of the Mechanics Vice, but there are a couple of typical features which can help determine if this type is suitable for you. 

  1. Range of Jaw Widths from 2 to 8 inch
  2. No Quick Release Feature, meaning the lead screw and nut are 'full', arguably allowing for more Torque to be applied. 
  3. Jaws are typically 3/4 high on Vices with a Jaw width of 4 inch or under and 1 inch high on larger Vice. 
  4. Typically cheaper than the 'Quick Release' types of Fitters or Heavy Duty Vice. 
  5. The material used is always exclusively ductile Iron (SG Iron)


The Fitters Vice

Various Companies made versions of the Fitters Vice, but there are a couple of typical features which can help determine if this type is suitable for you.

  1. Generally speaking, fitters Vice are a larger/bulkier design with a heavier construction (if compared to a Mechanics Vice with the same width of Jaw)
  2. Generally, a Fitters Vice is Quick-Release, but there are some exceptions to that rule. This allows the sliding Jaw to be quickly opened or closed without having to use the lead-screw.
  3. The material used tends to be a mixture of ductile Iron (SG Iron) or Steel. Steel are typically used where a manufacturer claimed the Vice was 'Indestructible' or 'Heavy Duty'. 
  4. Due to the Lead Screw and 'Half Nut' design on Quick Release Vice, there is a view that these can not tolerate continuous and frequent loads of severe Torque to the Lead Screw.  This is the reason 'Plain Screw' versions of Fitters Vice were also produced.


Heavy Duty Vice


Various Companies made versions of the Heavy Duty Vice, but there are a couple of typical features which can help determine if this type is suitable for you.

  1. Usually Cast from Steel, opposed to Ductile Iron (SG Iron). As such they tolerate higher levels of stress and strain. 
  2. Jaw width typically start at 4 inch and increase to 8. The larger models (6 inch and above) generally have thicker and higher Jaws (1 1/4 x 5/8)
  3. Like the Fitters Vice, these generally come as Quick Release however there are lots of 'Plain Screw' Vice in circulation, for the reasons stated within the Fitters Vice section. 
  4. Due to the Design, the 'throat' of the Vice is larger, meaning you can hold larger or bulkier items in a Heavy Duty vice, compared to that of a Mechanics or Fitters model of the same Jaw Width.



Back when the UK were the world leaders in Manufacturing and Industrial power, there was quite literally a 'Vice for every operation'. However, irrelevant of the Vice you purchase from the ViceWorks, you can be assured it is as good as it can be, and has been for the last 30 to 100 years. 

Buying a refurbished Vice from the Viceworks is an Investment in a product you can rely on, which is not something you can say about buying a new Vice... as so many will testify to and why I am in business. 

Not all our Vice are VAT qualifying. If this is an issue, please get intouch.