Revolution 360 PRO (Advance Order)

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As you have (hopefully) already read on our website, we are making a revolutionary new Vice, packing in a tonne of features and long term value for what is ‘the ultimate bench vice’. Please refer to our page HERE to review the features of the Revolution 360 PRO.  

Now undergoing initial prototyping, we are taking advance orders for delivery in Q4 2023 and such is our faith in the product, we’re offering a 100% money back guarantee, should you feel the finished product is not what you Expect when you receive it.  

Don’t forget, NO OTHER NEW VICE can compete with the functionality of this Vice… this Patent Pending design is a game changer for the modern workshop.  

This is for a 50% deposit ‘Advance Order’ of a Revolution 360 PRO (6 inch width jaws, model REV150).  The remaining 50% will be invoiced for prior to dispatch.